Inglés B1 (2ª parte)


Afianzar los conocimientos de los comparativos y superlativos.
Aprender sobre los verbos modales.
Saber utilizar la voz pasiva.
Conocer las Reported Speech.


Unidad 1. How can i help you?.
1.1. I´m a shopaholic.
1.2. Shopping at Harrods.
1.3. How can I help you?.
1.4. I want my money back.

Unidad 2. I’m into new technology.
2.1. I´m a technophile.
2.2. My first day at work.
2.3. It´s so exciting!.
2.4. I am the best candidate for that job!.

Unidad 3. If i were in your shoes.
3.1. If I could, I would.
3.2. I wish I could study at Oxford!.
3.3. It´s so exciting!.
3.4. Dear Mr Jones.

Unidad 4. I’m not feeling a hundred per cent.
4.1. I need a rest!.
4.2. I feel under the weather!.
4.3. The honour of the knight.
4.4. Beyond words.

Unidad 5. Farewell!.
5.1. The film is being shot.
5.2. Would you fancy a rom-com?.
5.3. Definitely!.
5.4. I´ll miss you!.

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